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Yard of a house
Yard of a store and an office
Yard of commercial establishment
If it is a yard, please consult about anything.
Not Need help things in the garden?
Fallen leaves and a fruit fall and it has become a nuisance to the neighbors. An electric wire, a sign, etc. are started and anxious. It should correspond immediately!
It has been refused to the usual contractor by the work of a narrow place dangerous places, such as a high place and a steep cliff.
Since the place for which it has always asked is advanced age, footwork has become heavy.
I would like to reform the whole garden. I would like to unite and ask you also for repair of the yard, or exterior construction.

Stretching and facing very seriously to your worries

Please leave anything about Garden!
Do not be referred to as "mowing the lawn in passing that I asked the pruning was also refused I wanted to ask?" Ensyn it has been a comprehensive support of your garden.If it is related with the Garden, please consult about anything.
Pruning Planting/transplan Grass cutting/mowing
Stump pulling/felling Fertilization/disinfection  Fence fixtures / repair
garden consultant Gardening/flower arrangement Garden tree sale
Garden Design Repair/reformation Exterior
Case. raising trees and plants together if you request of total garden finish maintenance
Most of apartments, commercial establishment, and an individual's residences have obtained use of the profitable set plan
It will finish for - one day one craftsman set half a day, and they are :15,000 yen - special garbage expenses etc.
(Since it is based on volume, please consult)

39 sets : 39,000 yen
55 sets : 55,000 yen
88 sets : 88,000 yen
Etc., are also available deals set plan.。
Please ask for details. contactplease

Please consult with others on the anything about the yard.

Stretching, your garden
We will propose synthetically.

Construction example (track record)
construction case photo Was planted Tamaryuu at the time of construction case photo new construction, processing of the weeds in the very effort, to customers of your worries that care is in trouble very have ended up dirty to not be quite, in the centrifugal, tile Ya it takes also money to peel off and ends up on a solid thing, because the natural grass maintenance management is very, I was allowed to set up a high-level artificial turf that reproduces untilturf realistic.
Beautiful environment can be maintained by maintenance needlessness and time and effort or costs, such as withdrawal, do not take at the time of reformation of the yard. It was finished in the yard with which a family and the neighborhood also have you be pleased.
Construction case photograph The electric wire was started, it was extended, so that the signboard disappeared, and it carried out under the arboreal vegetation trouble branch like 10 m or less, and pruned [ other 4 ]. Since there are also many amounts of passings, such as vehicles and a pedestrian, and there were much one administrator and the first floor downward at a pediatrics entrance as for a visit to the hospital, the hospital constructed by being urgent on Sunday of a rest.
construction case photograph the cherry tree of the arboreal vegetation which reached with unique height work, was crowded and has started the electric wire -- having processed .

Can because centrifugation received a lot of consultation
Total support of the Garden

The question obtained well
  • * What does it do processing of discharge garbage, such as pruning?
  • We will make it recycling fundamentally. We have tied up with the city recycle facility and the private garden tree pruning recycle facility.Fee amount and weight gain in the case and car much in kilo, depends on the tree species to accept.Bamboo and palm, such as the felling of wood also there is also the case that can not be received in some areas and facilities.Please consult each time.
  • * Although a tree weakens and is suddenly needed (withering...), can I have you correspond?
  • Please leave!We are allowed to carry out a field survey, and correspond from various cases.However, since it becomes best most that the special tree doctor sees depending on a case, when diagnosis by a special tree doctor is required, I introduce from our company.
  • * Is the maintenance of trees a thing as which about 1 time may be sufficient per year?
  • * Although originally based also on trees, there is no problem even once. However, because the proper time of care Different tree species in the garden different, more than once is the best in the year by or, garden maintenance, such as pruning or other fertilization and disinfection in proper time, which was in the trees If there is also. Furthermore, since wooden growth is also early per year when 1 time of a case owns the large tree, it generates in large quantities and the dropping branch at the time of pruning also requires time and effort for it, expense may increase rather than the case where 2 times is used per year.
  • * Would you perform exterior construction, construction of the exterior something, etc.?
  • Sure We do! We are allowed for us to mainly contract the space creation which coexists with a plant.Therefore, although we will also normal exterior construction work so as to correspond, the Company has put the force, such as the green some space-making and planning, your family of peace and smile, not only fun, get even willing to person of visitors support for "attractive making Garden", we would like to provide a garden space of reasonable and ideal that was in that environment for our customers.
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    Although there is no problem per year even once as foundations, since there is also a case where several times are more profitable per year for a visitor, I think if allowed to carry out the optimal proposal from our company suitably.         
  • Is consultation of the Garden possible in English?
  • Sure,store manager can speak english and it has a pro gardening craftsman's experience for 10 years after that. We can guide estimated correspondence in English, and a pro's garden service as well as telephone support and e-mail correspondence at spots, such as the Skype correspondence.
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